Clam Chowder

The last time I was in California, my sister and I discovered this great little place to eat on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.  Normally we have Mexican Chicken Soup at Picante Martin’s, but alas, they were closed for remodeling.  We were crushed.  What in the world were we to do?  We always get our … More Clam Chowder

Coconut Cream Cupcakes

As you may recall, for the past few years, my quest as been to make the best cupcake KNOWN to MANKIND…bar none, hands down!  It happened to me during the cupcake craze that swept the nation.  In fact, I had intended to post a “cupcake of the month” here after my Orange Blossom Cupcakes, but only managed to … More Coconut Cream Cupcakes

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Who doesn’t love deep dish apple pie? I have this amazing recipe that I get to share with you right here, right now.  But first a little history about this apple pie… I got the recipe back in the early 90’s from a friend down in Orange County, California and have been making it for Thanksgiving … More Deep Dish Apple Pie