Maui Chili

Back in 2006, Bill and I scraped and saved enough frequent flyer miles and Hilton Points to go to Hawaii.  Over the years, with 7 kids, adult vacations were fairly few and far between.  Bill’s sister Cindy used to come stay with the kids, but it usually took her about 2-3 years to recover before … More Maui Chili

Tuscan Chili

Every Halloween, we have a big party for the kids and a chili cook-off for the adults, at our church.  Naturally I enjoy the competition, who wouldn’t right?  This takes me into my food “lab” where I come up with new chili recipes.  In fact, after we returned from Hawaii one year, I created “Maui Chili” with pineapple, pork and white … More Tuscan Chili