Carmel Apple Tart

Your life, as you know it, is about to change.  Mission Possible:  your mission, should you choose to accept it is to a) read this post, b) make this caramel apple tart and c) eat it…then repeat — as often as possible!  I recommend just keeping the ingredients on hand at all times. It started … More Carmel Apple Tart

Asian Pasta Salad

This week I needed to make a salad for our annual ‘Sizzling Summer Salad Social’ at church.  With only a few ingredients on hand, and no time for a grocery store run, I was mulling over the idea of pasta salad with a Greek flare…tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, olives, feta, purple onions and a balsamic dressing.  … More Asian Pasta Salad

Christmas in August

In 2011, we moved to Fruit Heights, Utah onto a lovely cul-de-sac, at the base of the Wasatch mountains. Such a contrast to our neighborhood in California where we backed up to a 6-lane street and hospital!  Instead of drifting off to the sounds of sirens and screeching brakes, we were serenaded by crickets.  It … More Christmas in August

Mexican Chicken Soup

I’m a California Girl, born and raised!  To say the beach is my ‘happy place’ would be a huge understatement.  Beach chairs, sunny days, munchies, body surfing, boogie boarding, warm sand, music and relaxing naps are all a part of the charm!  In Southern California, we have miles and miles of beautiful coastline.  Located in … More Mexican Chicken Soup

Brace for Impact!!

I recently took my 7-year-old Grandson, Jude, to the airport to fly home after a nice summer visit here in Utah.  As we entered the terminal, I told him to be careful on the moving walkway (aka “travellator” in Britain– who knew) which would take us down the long hallway much quicker. He excitedly lurched onto the … More Brace for Impact!!

Busy Moms

This cartoon made me laugh out loud because that lady on the table looks like I feel most days!  Are you a mom?  Are you busy?  I mean seriously hectic, running in multiple directions at all times?  Do you double and triple book yourself, rarely shave your legs, put your make-up on in the car … More Busy Moms